Lori took her first yoga class in 2006.  It was an Ashtanga class and she fell in love immediately - first with the physical benefits.  Very quickly, she started experiencing the mental benefits of yoga.  This mind/body transformation inspired her to take her yoga teacher training.  She received her 200 hour certification in 2007 with Breathing Space Yoga, and further teacher trainings with Manju Jois and Eoin Finn.

Lori's carefully sequenced and alignment focused classes encourage self awareness to unfold by listening to what the body needs in each moment. She will guide you to find the balance between effort and ease, movement and stillness.  Leave class feeling nourished, physically and mentally.

VinYasa Yoga 

Monday 12:15-1pm

VinYasa Yoga 

Wednesday 12:15-1pm

VinYasa: An all-levels practice connecting movement with breath as you flow from one pose to the next. Each class is different so there are always new experiences. VinYasa builds heat, endurance, strength and flexibility with a strong focus on the core. Leave class with a calm energy.

email: lori.duggan@gmail.com

Instagram : @ lorirduggan

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