Being authentic and living with meaningful relationships is central to both my personal and professional life. I wholeheartedly believe that allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable with others cultivates connection which in turn leads to meaningful living. Because of this, one of my main professional goals is to create a safe and compassionate space that invites people to simply be themselves.


I bought my first singing bowl years ago to deepen my personal meditation practice and bam, this changed everything! The singing bowl became a tool for our family when anyone needed a moment to relax, cool down, or just sit. The bowls deeply resonated with all of us. Its' effectiveness in changing our moods and the emotions in the house led me to start researching the therapeutic use of singing bowls. My passion around vibrational sound therapy bloomed and it was at this point that I officially started my vibrational sound therapy studies. In 2015 I received my certification in vibrational sound therapy from Atma Buti Sound and Vibration School in Boulder Colorado and I have been blessed with sharing the gift of singing bowls ever since.

Sound Meditation

Tuesdays 12:15 -1pm

During this deeply restorative meditation class students lay cozied up on their yoga mats while the sounds and vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls wash over them. This class is perfect for both the new and the seasoned student. The singing bowls support you to relax and deepen your practice carrying you into pure bliss. 

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